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This game was HEAVY on pressure I'll give it to ya'll


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Hey, thanks for checking out the game!

Had a watch of your video, I probably should've made the initial messages a bit more clear.

You are supposed to 'Use' (F Key) the box of papers to your left when your are sat down. This brings up the redaction papers, and that is where the game actually starts!

The idea is you are juggling closing the doors and redacting your papers. The screen shows you how many redactions you have remaining in that 'round'.

If you do find your way back on 'Do What They Say', give this a go. I feel like you'll have a lot more fun than the standing up simulator you experienced!

Thanks again for checking it out either way!

An cool, fast-paced game. I think it would be interesting for him to have an extra ending, like, understand more about who is behind the red messages, understand more about the organization, etc. It would be nice. Anyway, congratulations on your game.

Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion. I would've loved to multiple endings and fleshed the story elements out a bit more, but I quickly ran out of time.

The time for changing endings for this game may have passed, but the in game universe is not dead. Stay tuned.

A good game support!

Glad you enjoyed it!

cant get to options menu on linux black screens becuse of this i had 10~ fps but was still fun

Sorry about the poor performance on the Linux build, I never got around to dual booting my system in order to test it, but figured a poor build was better than no build! I suspect there will be issues for the MacOS build too for the same reasons.

Thanks for the feedback, if I manage to get back to this project and get a Linux environment to test it on, I'll try to fix up the menus.

Thanks for playing anyways, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself regardless of the issues!

Hey, sorry for the necropost, but I finally got dual boot running on my machine to test this out.

Bad news is I wasn't able to replicate it, what distro did you try this on? Seemed to work fine with Pop!_OS (but they do have rather good nvidia driver support).

This game was freaking PANIC INDUCING! My god, never has closing doors been so stressful. Damn good job on this one.

I'm so glad I managed to get that feeling of urgency down, was definitely what I was going for!

Thanks for playing and for your kind words!

I liked the game very much. It's not very difficult at all, I beat it on the third try, died both times due to the time limit, not because of the monster. I was very impressed how much work you put into writing all these SCP-like documents only for us to don't read them at all and rush the redacting)) I recorded the video of me playing the game. The video is in Russian.

Очень понравилась игра, не буду повторять то, что я написал на английском. Вот видео:

привет и спасибо за добрые слова!
The game used to be nearly impossible before a number of balancing patches I made after release, I'm glad that my work there has paid off!
I'll watch your video later on, will help me practice my Russian! 
Thanks for playing!

Thank you again for the game! For some reason I didn't see your reply earlier

This game is really difficult. Sometimes the doors start opening again immediately after I've closed them. But the main problem is that the redactions require a lot of mouse precision and sometimes they look complete when they're not. The time limit on what I think was the final round of redactions is brutal, I was only able to finish one page because the doors kept opening. The scrolling is also very slow if you use the scroll wheel.

This game has got a really cool atmosphere but once you've lost the first time then all the tension is gone, and trying to replay for the ending was really tedious. I attempted it 3 times but I just couldn't finish it.

If the time limit was removed, I think this would ease the difficulty a lot in the game. I think the doors are creepy and they're enough pressure already. The timer feels totally arbitrary and it isn't justified by the game, unlike the supernatural threat of the doors.


Hey ParsleyBunny, thanks for checking out Do What They Say! Do you have the latest version of the game? A lot of the problems you have mentioned have been addressed in recent patches (other than the scroll wheel speed, I'll look into that one today) so it may be worth you downloading again and trying it out.

If you don't get around to it, thanks for playing and leaving useful feed back anyway, but if you do try again and the issues are still present, drop me another comment and I'll do another round of balancing!

Thanks again!

Thanks so much for all your hard work, it's difficult to make a game in such a short time and I think you did a really good job.

Last time I was definitely playing the latest build and not the old one. I downloaded it again tonight and tried again and I was able to beat it! The scrolling felt much better. The redacting felt a little better too but maybe that's just in my head?

Something that helped was knowing that if I finish the last redaction in a round, the doors will close by themselves.

Another technique that was useful is using the couch when both doors are open. When you press F it will teleport you to the couch, then press F again to stand up, and it lets you cross the room very quickly.


And thank you for giving it another try! I think what makes it easier/harder randomly is the number of redactions per page. This is randomised and not part of the difficulty spikes, so with some bad luck you may have to do 5 * 6+ redactions in 90 seconds in the final round! Definitely a learning moment for me, don't link difficulty to RNG lightly!

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This game is very interesting but it still contains some bugs and is very difficult to beat which sucks tbh, I tried to play it multiple times but I couldn't finish it, sometime the redactions don't count and I'm just stuck there, other times, the game decides to "game over" me even when I'm doing everything correctly, the last sequence seems impossible really, I'm gonna try a couple more times but hope this gets resolved soon.


I have noticed myself that some of the redactions can get to a stage where there is a tiny sliver at the end of the bar that isn't filled. It can be progressed fully, but can be a bit fiddly. I need to think up a way to make that stand out a bit more I think. (I have also noticed that some of the reactions overshoot the text that needs redacting which needs fixing eventually)

As for the sequences, the balancing is all over the place I do agree with you. A patch I am working on will hopefully address your frustrations and add a feature or two that will help smooth the experience a bit.

Thanks for playing anyway, I'll put any patch work I do in a dev log!

Good luck with that, I'll definitely come back to this game whenever these things get patched up.